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Pork Pie

This pie is a favorite on my husbands side of the family. 1 pound hamburger 1/2 pound ground pork 1 medium onion chopped fine 1 large potato 1 and 1/2 tsp of salt and pepper (depends on your taste) 1 tsp cinnamon, clove,and all spice 1/2 (maybe a bit more) cup gluten free Italian bread crumbs Mix pork, hamburger and onions together, place potato on top of meat mixture, add enough water to just cover the potato. Place on medium heat until the potato and meat have cooked. Remove from heat, add spices and bread crumbs. Mash with a potato masher until a thick meat batter is formed. Place in a gluten free pie crust, cover with a top crust and place in a 425 degree oven for 15 Minutes Turn down oven to 350 for 30-35 minutes until pie is finished.

Fish Chowder

Son is home sick today so I’m going to make him Pepere’s fish chowder.
Salt pork (2 good 1 inch size chunks)1 small onion, 4/5 potatoes,1pound(and a bit
more) fish, cream, milk, salt, pepper, butter.

Put salt pork in pan. Let it get hot but do not let it turn brown. Some of the salty grease should start
to show on the bottom of the pan. At this point add chopped (fine) onion. Let
them soften (if you need to add a bite of water to prevent them from
browning then by all means do, add just a touch of water). Wash potatoes, peel
and cut into bite size cubes. When onions are soft add potatoes and enough water
to just cover the potatoes.Cook med. high heat until potatoes are fork tender.
Reduce heat to low, place fish on top of water and potatoes, cover and cook
approx 8 minutes until fish is cooked.
Heat (in a little pan) until warm the cream & milk (approx 1/2 cup) and 1-2 tablespoons of butter, add it
to the fish chowder. Salt and pepper to taste. Reheat chowder if needed, server
and enjoy.

I am so happy to see my local farm stand trying to help showcase gluten free
products. The stand started to offer gluten free products from a company called
Something Sweet Without Wheat. I bought a GF Maple Oatmeal Bread. (according to
the sticker on the front of the package) Funny thing is it’s a molasses oatmeal
bread. Maple is not on the ingredients list. I found the bread had a strong
molasses flavor and was dry for my taste but the price was 2.99 (about 8
slices) so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

I can’t believe it, a gluten-free battered cod that actually taste good. I had
given up on battered fish and fish sticks. Today while shopping I came across
Starfish Gluten Free Battered Cod and decided to give it a try. The
fish was tasty and the batter stayed on the fish and was crispy. The package
contained six small sections of battered fish. Enough fish for one hungry
teenage boy and his mom. Check out the website www.star-fish.com

Wegman’s is now open. It’s a nice store, very large,lots of people, lots of
interesting food if you want to try something new. I need to feed my family GF
so I went to compare Wegmans to the other local box stores.

Went today at 9am the store was busy but not crazy.
I buy Gluten free and odd stuff as well as normal food. Wegmans gluten-free selection is not great,
not much different from Stop and Shop, lots of the old GF names.  Being a Gluten Free foodie I wasn’t
impressed. I thought the way people talked up Wegmans the place would be cutting
edge. The store also has GF items in with the regular items, please check the stores Gluten Free tags! The Wegmans no
name chocolate rice crispies were tagged as GF but the box listed wheat. The
worker at Wegmans was very nice and did remove the tag. Just keep reading
ingredients don’t trust the store.  As for normal food: Cabot Greek yogurt was
3.99 last Monday at Hannafords, today at Wegmans the store label Greek yogurt
was 4.29. 2% Mexican cheese fancy shredded 8oz 1.89 Hannafords, 2.69 at wegmans.
It’s just a supermarket, which does contain a lot of different items that if you
are a foodie you might want to try for that special dinner but for everyday moms
the items seem no better than the great shops we already have. I shop Lowes for meat, Tougas for berries,
apples, peaches and our local farms for veggies. Keep local farms in mind if you
want to keep them around.

Son is home sick so it’s time for me to make chicken soup.

3 chicken breast(no skins) cut into cubes

1 white med onion diced fine

2 tsp garlic chopped fine

1 tablespoon olive oil

4-5 carrots

1 box 32oz chicken stock (unsalted)

1 box 32oz veg. stock

3/4 cup Schar Gluten-free Anellini pasta

Salt & pepper, 1tsp Italian seasoning

In large pot: heat olive oil, add chicken cook until almost brown, add onions keep cooking until soft, add garlic,carrots, stocks,seasoning, cook 15mins on med heat,turn up heat to full, add pasta cook for five more minutes until the pasta is done, bring back down to low heat server.


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